Atlantide Lab

Our team is always eager to innovate in the field of history and heritage promotion through games. Thus, in 2020, we launched the “Atlantide’s Lab” to prototype concepts that reconcile history and younger generations.

And if you have a concept in mind, let us know! Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Magnitude Labs we might be able to do something 😉

We will regularly add projects, do not hesitate to come back…

The Projects


In Atlantide: The Missing Archives, you will help Emma find lost pieces of history in the agency’s archives. Through a game of question and answer, you must find out what happened… You’ll be surprised at how rich history is in juicy anecdotes!

Inspired by the famous game “Guess who?”, think carefully before asking your question, because the score is based on the number of exchanges needed to find the answer. The only important rule: search on Internet isforbidden (but consulting your entourage is recommended!)