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by creating your own investigation game.

At a lower cost
Step by step
In a few weeks

At a lower cost
Step by step
In a few weeks

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Anyone can create a game from the Studio.
Choose your theme, your background and your anecdotes.

Our team will help you create a captivating scenario.


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create your game

Alone, or in collaboration with local actors, fervent defenders of local heritage.

Our team will train and support you throughout the creation process.


Your mission is accessible on
the Atlantide application (IOS and Android), in just a few clicks.


To increase your visibility and awareness among your community.

Tools and communication supports to be personalized are at your disposal.

The players

Captivating games to (re)discover the secrets of history, where the city, the place, is a XXL playground.

The player is the main actor of a thrilling investigation, evolving at his own pace.

without delay,

Alone or in a group,

Accessible to all,



tourists or locals

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We wanted to work on aninnovative project that would meet the demand for analternative way for our visitors to discover the city. The universe and the game proposed by Atlantide is a real innovative and playful way innovative and playful differently, halfway between an escape game and a treasure hunt. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Romain and Maxence, who are a force of proposals and who bring all their experience of “game design” while listening to the needs/orientations of institutions such as the Tourist Office of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

By theMontpellier Tourist Office

Mylène and I created Secrets d’ici to tell the little and big story of Aix. Jerome joined us in 2018 with the same vocation. All three of us are guide-lecturers and we are keen to share our knowledge in various ways. Thanks to Atlantide and its innovative concept, we added a string to our bow with our own escape game! The studio is simple and efficient, the result perfect. I am delighted and am already preparing for other experiences!

By Arthur Carlier, co-founder of Secrets d’ici.

The Tourist Office of the Pays de Lunel called upon the team of Atlantide because it was seduced by the presentation of this universe in Montpellier but also in a wine domain in St Christol, the Domaine Guinand. We were looking for a historical game to “learn by playing” about the medieval history of Lunel. We had the pleasure of working with a motivated, attentive, available and friendly team! I recommend this application to everyone, all levels, families, tribes, youth, seniors, etc.

By Sylviane Truchetet, Director of theLunel TouristOffice

Atlantide is a very efficient tool for our family domain. This is a modern version of our guided tours that allows us to attract younger visitors. The application is very easy to use. As far as the creation of the scenario is concerned, the Atlantide team listened and immediately understood the desired universe. An effective partnership that we will renew!

By Sophie Guinand, owner of Domaine Guinand in Saint-Christol

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